Affordable and inclusive relaxation and wellness in residential care

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Social innovation


Social challenges such as the aging population, the increase of people with chronic conditions, next to to the reality of budget savings make the health and welfare sector increasingly dependent on finding creative and innovative solutions . Inclusion is a key word when it comes to health care. On top of that people are encouraged to live at home as long possible. The home environment, the community , the church ... are becoming increasingly important when it comes to providing care. In addition to the curative care, there is a growing potential for preventive care where people proactively contribute to their own health. Together with a non profit organisation, experienced in providing residential care and owning facilities for residential care, we want to develop a new business model on providing wellness and relaxation for a large group of people, as well people with high needs as those with lower needs. Crucial in this project is the connection with the local community. An innovative business model will be tested. In this business model, following elements are essential 1) The provision of wellness and relaxation in an innovative way to a wide audience of people. We want to test and apply new evidence based techniques and methods for special target groups on ‘lab scale’. 2) Integration of hippo therapy and use of animals in care 3) Social employment 4) Connection with the community. Community members will be invited to participate in the model. 5) Social entrepreneurship 6) Involvement of local SME’s In a feasibility study we would like to examine how a business model should be prepared for such an innovative project. How can the combination of the right activities such care are kept affordable?

Creation date: 10/05/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1

Overall objective

New business models for providing residential care to a large group of people, those with high needs and those with low needs

Bloc 2


Affordable wellness and relaxation therapy to a large group op people New insights in using animals in health and social care new business model for offering care

Bloc 3

Expected result

Offering new models of wellness and relaxation therapy in an affordable way

Bloc 4

Cross-border added-value

mobilisation of people who need care Exchanging knowlegde Getting insights in care models