EU Multimedia Digital Business Support Platform

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Technological innovation


To develop a multimedia platform to host a range of business support products including apps, videos, webinars and podcasts. To be developed across the 2Seas to ensure that best practice and knowledge transfer takes place. To develop innovative content across the partners thus reducing project development costs.

Creation date: 19/05/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1

Overall objective

The objective is to create a 2Seas business support platform that will act as a repository for products and services. This will be available 24/7 thus allowing small businesses to access flexibly and without leaving their business.

Bloc 2


A central platform. Business Support apps. Videos - interviews, case studies and pertinent subjects. Webinars Podcasts

Bloc 3

Expected result

To ensure that small businesses have one portal to which they can go and access all the information and advice that they require either to start up or to grow their business.

Bloc 4

Cross-border added-value

To ensure that best practice is shared - some of the 2Seas areas are more advanced in terms of their business support model and their technology. by working in partnership and collaboration this can be coordinated and shared.