Local biorefinery of roadside grass


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Efficient use of resources and materials


Key concepts: roadside grass, local biorefinery, addition of value, fermentation, circular economy, waste water purification, proteins, sugars, fibers, biocomposites

Creation date: 11/05/2016

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Overall objective

Description Grassification is a project that can be described as local biorefinery. It is an innovative technique to produce various valuable products from verge cuttings. At present verge cuttings often remain in the area after mowing or they are composted, but verge cuttings actually contain many useful elements. It's wasteful not to use these elements. In the Grassification process, verge cuttings are broken down into as many valuable components as possible. In this process, they yield fiber, protein products, phosphate, biogass and sugars. All these products together are worth more than the starting material. These products can be used as high grade raw materials in the chemical industry, the infrastructure and/or (under certain conditions) in fodder, reducing the need to import foreign protein-rich products such as soy.

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Expected result

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Cross-border added-value

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