Rural built heritage and challenges of the 21st century

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A Regional Nature Park is an area rich in natural and cultural heritage to protect. The Park aims to protect the landscape according to sustainable development. This protection has to be managed with all the partners of the territory. On rural built heritage, that consists in : - Protecting with adapting it to the climate changes ; - Limitating the extension of the urban area, and protecting the agricultural and natural ground ; - Maintaining social links in town centers.

Creation date: 04/04/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1

Overall objective

The overall objective is to keep the character of the rural built heritage and adapt those buildings to fight against the climate and social changes.

Bloc 2


The Caps et Marais d’Opale Regional Nature Park is full of traditional heritage built before 1948 with some traditional materials (earth, clay, brick, and so on). That heritage includes some castles but also modest homes which contribute to the identity of the area. Due to urban sprawl and the limited number of elements protected, the heritage is becoming poorer and poorer. Some traditional know how is disappearing. Moreover, this modest heritage has been impacted by poorly adapted / inappropriate renovation methods and materials. Those renovations have boosted the fragility of the buildings. So, their inhabitants can find themselves in precarious energy situations. • 1: Making this heritage better known in order to adapt the methods of energy-efficient renovation - Ideas for action: to increase the awareness of inhabitants and public structures and to promote appropriate ways of renovating, training for future artisans, “auto-rehabilitation” of the heritage by the inhabitants. • 2: Using the heritage as an opportunity for urban renewal - Ideas for action: studies on conversion of ancient buildings (mills, barns, etc.); participation of the inhabitants in these projects. • 3: Using the heritage as a component of a positive energy area - Ideas of action: studies based on the transformations of some elements of the heritage to become energy producing; development of a salvaged materials channel

Bloc 3

Expected result

To implicate the inhabitants to fight against climate changes and to interested in their heritage. To develop the using of ecological and traditionnal materials in energy-efficient renovation. Make compatible protection of the character of rural heritage and energy-efficient renovation.

Bloc 4

Cross-border added-value

To compare the different traditional building processes from the two sides; To develop a common knowledge of the traditional materials and the green renovation methods adapted To create awareness of renovation amongst inhabitants To create and propose some common training courses