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Social innovation

Yvonne Fontein

Perinatal Mental Health

The project is looking for higher education and research partners in...

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Low-Carbon technologies


Low Carbon Sport Accommodation Solutions

Within the EU 2020 strategy Carbon reduction is a major theme. Europe...

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Efficient use of resources and materials

Krist Poffyn

Resourcing Plastics from the City

Within the urban tissue, much plastic waste is available that would (...

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Framework conditions for innovation


Smart Ports Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development

With increasing global competitive pressures...

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Technological innovation


Exoskeleton for children with Multiple disabilities

Childrens suffering from multiple disabilities, cerebral palsy and...

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Social innovation

schaek arnold

STOP 4-7, a preventive method cc behavioral problems with children.

STOP 4-7 is a sicientifically recognised and...

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Low-Carbon technologies


Citizen involvement in energy policies for rural areas

Regional Nature Parks...

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Low-Carbon technologies


Demand driven HeatNet

The project´s objective is to share knowledge and experience on...

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Circular economy


Circular Economy in the building sector

CEBuilds will demonstrate and increase the uptake of the circular...

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