Integrated KNOWledge & coaching service to support people with cancer in How to remain in Or return to Work. | 2 Mers Seas Zeeën


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Integrated KNOWledge & coaching service to support people with cancer in How to remain in Or return to Work.

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Social Innovation

Lead partner

Artevelde University College

Start Date


End Date


Project budget

4 130 613

ERDF amount

2 438 412

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    Common challenge

    Improvements in detection and treatment are resulting in increasing numbers of cancer survivors, as survival rates have risen to 70% (1) while mortality rates are dropping (2). As 50% of people diagnosed with cancer are of working age (3), the link between cancer and employment should receive more attention (4). Employment is crucial for people with cancer to fully reintegrate with society, as it provides income, social contact, structure and strengthens feelings of control (5). Research shows that only 62% of people with cancer re-enter the workplace within two years after the diagnosis (1). Cancer patients are 1.4 times more likely to be unemployed than healthy people (6). Currently there is a lack of support for employers and employees are often unable to navigate services that enable them to remain or return to work. I-KNOWHOW will address this by creating new user led services for employers, employees, (para)medical professionals and job coaches.

    Main Achievements

    The I-KNOW-HOW project took a quick start in the year 2019, with a lot of work that has been produced during the first months: the launch event – interviews – study visits - focusgroups - development of the interview topic list - observer partner meetings – co creation sessions – etc..

    Further on, a more detailed overview of the exact outputs can be found in order to present the already delivered deliverables. Next to that, there is a dedicated team working in the four regions. All regions have been establishing the observer partners meetings as planned, where they had the possibility to get feedback on their plans by a broad spectrum of observer partners. All these activities took place in order to create a base for the current and future co-creation sessions within the different work packages, and off course to create an optimal end product.

    Since the year we are reporting on, was the start of the project, we invested a lot of energy in the initiation phase and the first project deliverables. One of our basic aims was to establish a good cooperation between all partners, in order to create a fruitfull working environment; which is essential in the further development of the outputs over the next three years. Within this report, the team can be proud to promote the first series of deliverables within the I-KNOW-HOW project.

    During all project activities that gave us the promotion of the deliverables, a cross-border cooperation was established, and this has led to added value in the development process. The full team of the I-KNOW-HOW project is convinced of the organisational and contentwise added values of a constant cooperation over the four involved regions in this 2 seas project. Concretely did we get feedback on the developed interview guide by all partners over the different regions, which gave us the updated version. Another example of this cross-border cooperation is the organisation of the launch event; interesting speakers and participants from over the four regions participated. Another important issue were the study visits, that gave us an overview over the existing good practices.

    The international team conducted 139 interviews, 8 study visits to the partner organisations in the different regions, 5 focus groups and 3 co-creation sessions during the reporting period, next to the development of a first prototype of the information service tool. As a result, we targetted 222 people directly by the actions of the project activities.



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