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Interreg 2 Seas launches one or two Calls for Proposals per year. Once launched, you can find specific Call information such as deadlines and selected Programme Specific Objectives in the Terms of Reference. Your entire application is developed, submitted and evaluated through the Electronic Exchange Platform (EEP).

Bloc 1

2 step approach

Project proposals that wish to apply for funding should follow a 2 step approach. Introducing a Concept Note as first step has two advantages for applicants. First, it allows the Member States to steer your project idea at an earlier stage of development and secondly it will reduce the administrative burden for you as project applicant in case your proposal does not match with the Programme strategy. Specific deadlines for submission apply for both steps and can be consulted in the Terms of Reference.

Bloc 2

Concept Note

During step 1, applicants should provide the strategic outline for their project in the form of a Concept Note. This form contains information on the partnership and overall budget, the proposed objectives, outputs and results and the contribution to the Programme.

The Member States will discuss each of the submitted Concept Notes and provide recommendations on the strategic dimension of the project. It is up to the partnership to then decide whether or not to participate in the second step of the application process.

Bloc 3

Application Form

This form requires a concrete description of the operational side of the project as well as details on the partnership and budget. Applicants should develop the different project work packages and detail how they will deliver the planned outputs and results and how they will communicate and disseminate project results.

Once applicants have submitted their Application Form, the evaluation and selection process will start.