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Developing a project proposal is an interesting but also complex and possibly lengthy process. The Programme has therefore set up specific support from the Territorial Facilitator Network and training and guidance to support applicants. The main features of a successful 2 Seas project are summarised below.

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Project’s context

You need to be able to illustrate clearly how your proposal is innovative and addresses a common need from the 2 Seas area. From the start, it should be clear what exactly you want to change with your proposal. This shift from activity-based to result-oriented approach is one of the main characteristics in the 2014-2020 Programming period. The thematic focus for the 2 Seas Programme is reflected in the 7 Specific Objectives that have been defined. More information on the Specific Objectives can be found on this page as well as in the Cooperation Programme (see documentation below).

Develop proposal
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Develop proposal

Contribution to achievement of Programme strategy

Your project’s overall objective should be clearly delivering against one of the Programme Specific Objectives. This means that your proposed outputs and results should also provide a clear contribution to the Programme output and result indicators. The explicit link between objectives, outputs and results at project and Programme level is summarised in the Intervention logic to be presented in your proposal.

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Cross-border partnership

Applications should contain a balanced and relevant partnership. Each of the project and observer partners should demonstrate a clear link to the proposal and jointly contribute to the delivery of the outputs and results. All partners should contribute their expertise and directly benefit from the project results.

Project proposals that wish to apply for funding should follow a 2 step approach. Please check the application section for more information.

Develop proposal