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Project generation starts with creating a strong cross-border partnership. Bringing together resources, knowledge and good practice encourages the development of innovative ideas. Eligible project ideas offer concrete solutions to a specific need in the 2 Seas area. Besides, these ideas also contribute to one of the seven Programme Specific Objectives.

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Find partners and ideas

In the 2 Seas online Cooperation Corner you can post your project ideas or consult ideas posted by others. You can also register your organisation’s interest if you do not have a concrete project idea. Once submitted, an automated matching system will immediately search for potential partners or ideas in line with your interests.

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Generate idea

Eligible partnerships

A wide range of public and private organisations are eligible for Interreg 2 Seas funding. You can find a detailed list of organisations in the Cooperation Programme (see documentation below). The types of organisations are listed per Specific Objective. Interreg 2 Seas supports partnerships that are diverse and balanced. Expected project results should cover a wide part of the Programme area and be transferable beyond the local or regional level. Eligible partnerships have at least one English partner and one Dutch, Flemish or French partner located in the Programme area.

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Find support

Interreg 2 Seas offers support during the generation of projects through its Network of Territorial Facilitators. These are the first contact points for the projects. The facilitator in your area will talk you through the different Specific Objectives and explain the intervention logic. He or she is also able to introduce you to potential partners and make you aware of existing initiatives in your field of interest.

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