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Initiation stage

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The initation stage covers the first six months after project approval. The purpose is to ensure a quick and efficient start of the project. There are several documents that need to be completed and submitted as well as some Programme-project contacts to be set up.

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Initiation meeting

This project specific meeting will be set up during the first half of the Initiation stage. The entire partnership, the JS Lead and review officers and the Territorial Facilitator will attend this meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the content, time plan, delivery and budget of the project and agree upon the main project milestones. This information will need to be integrated into the Monitoring plan.

Initiation stage
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Initiation stage

Monitoring plan

All approved projects are asked to complete a Monitoring plan that will detail all important moments in their project implementation. This will contain the deadlines for reporting that were chosen by the project, the dates for annual Programme-project contacts as well as the milestones as identified for project delivery.

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Two training sessions are foreseen. First, a one day seminar for approved project partners covers all there is to know on project and financial management, reporting, deviations and communication. The second training seminar is organised per Member State and targets First Level Controllers.

You can find more information on the Initiation stage in the first part of Fact sheet 6 of the Programme Manual.

Initiation stage