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The selection of projects is taken on the basis of the full Application Form.  Different assessments on eligibility, admissibility and quality precede the Monitoring Committee’s decision.


Bloc 1

Eligibility and admissibility assessment

This formal check consists of two parts, one regarding the completeness of the documents, automatically verified by the EEP and a second one regarding state aid assessed by the Member States.

Fact sheet 5, chapter 1 on Eligibility and admissibility assessments contains a complete overview of all elements that are verified during this assessment.

Bloc 2

Quality assessment

The Joint Secretariat will firstly assess the proposals regarding specific strategic and operational evaluation criteria:

Strategic criteria

  • Project’s context: relevance and strategy
  • Cooperation character
  • Contribution to programme’s objectives, expected results and outputs
  • Partnership relevance

Operational criteria

  • Project management
  • Communication
  • Work plan
  • Budget

These evaluations are transferred to the members of the 2 Seas Monitoring Committee who will perform additional evaluations.

Bloc 3


During a Monitoring Committee meeting, the project proposals will be eventually discussed and decisions will be taken by consensus. Four potential outcomes of this decision exist;

  1. approval,
  2. referral back for operational reasons,
  3. referral back for strategic reasons or
  4. rejection.

The entire selection procedure takes approximately 2 months and there are no intermediary communications foreseen between the Programme and the applicants.

You can find more information on the Selection process in the Programme Manual, Fact sheet 5.