How can I share the information I am developing for each of the sections of the Application Form with my partners?

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Thu, 04/02/2016 - 17:53 -- fsadm

Similar to the Concept Note, there are three ways to share information with your partnership; first of all partners can work in the courtesy Word document of the AF before starting to complete the online version in the EEP. Secondly, the Lead Partner can export the information already inserted in the AF into a pdf document that he/she can then transfer to his/her partners. Thirdly, additional users can be provided access (and writing rights) in the EEP directly. The last option is less recommended as it should be avoided that more than one person works on the same AF at the same time as this might lead to error messages and overwriting issues. Moreover, the last option will make the role of the project coordinator very difficult as he/she will not be able to monitor the changes made by each of the partners.