What supporting documents should I send with my Application Form?

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Thu, 04/02/2016 - 17:55 -- fsadm

For the deadline of Step 2 Application Form submission, your partnership should complete the following documents:

  • The online Application Form without signature
  • The “net revenue analysis template” if partners plan to generate revenues after the project closure and possibly during the project lifetime. This document is not filled in directly online. It has to be downloaded from the Programme website/Application pack (link) and uploaded into the EEP.  

At the moment the Application Form is submitted, you will be able to export documents support your application that will need to be signed and uploaded before the date of the Programme Monitoring Committee:

The documents that need to be submitted before the Programme Monitoring Committee takes place are:

  • The scan of the signed Letters of Commitment for each formal Partner
  • The scan of the signed Observer Letters (only if one or more observer(s) participate in the project)
  • The scan of the signed De Minimis Aid Form (if applicable).
  • The scan of the signed AF confirmation page.