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Finance Officer / Project Officer

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The Managing Authority of the Interreg 2 Seas Programme is the Région Hauts-de-France and the Joint Secretariat is based in Lille (FR). This international and multilingual secretariat is now looking for a Project Officer and a Finance Officer.

The Joint Secretariat is organised in 3 different units: the Finance Unit, the Project Unit and the Communication and IT Unit. T

he Job description of Project Officer and Finance Officer is the same, since the core tasks linked to the project development, assessment and implementation are largely the same. In this framework, when it comes to financial reporting and correlated issues, both Project and Finance Officers report to the Finance Unit Coordinator. When it comes to the monitoring of project activities and correlated reporting, they report to the Project Unit coordinator.

The work of Project Officer and Finance Officer differ mostly when it comes to some key Programme level tasks (what we call horizontal tasks, as opposed to projects’ related tasks). While Project Officers lead tasks linked to the Programme development (e.g. animation actions, strategic analysis, Programme evaluation, capitalisation). Finance Officers lead tasks linked to securing the overall system (e.g.: eligibility of costs; state aid; analysis of financial data, Programme Monitoring System).