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Antwerp Management School is a highly ranked business school with a focus on research that is relevant to business and society. We are organized in 5 expertise centers creating and sharing knowledge on: - Business Design & Innovation: Design thinking processes, templates and facilitations trajectories to produce outcome-oriented innovations with and for multiple stakeholders. - Next generation work: Focus on how can work and careers be organised and managed in a sustainable manner in light of new technologies, markets and socio-cultural transitions? - Smart mobility: systemic and behavioral innovations for sustainable mobility solutions based on smart technologies. - The Future Leadership Initiative: developing the capacity of organizations and people to evolve to authentic and shared leadership through research and knowledge sharing. - Digital business and IT: business/IT alignment and value creation by investing in IT - Public and social profit: knowledge sharing focused on management and social innovation in the public and social profit sector; foundational partner in the Antwerp City Lab Furthermore, we also have dedicated knowledge communities centered on engaging in knowledge transfer with specific business communities: - Euro-China business: international business and Euro-China studies and relations. - Sustainability: Focus on the creation of integrated value for all stakeholders through new (circular, sharing, blue / green, ...) business models; stimulate and aid the design of CSR initiatives and sustainable innovation together with sustainability leaders. - Creativity and fashion management: research and knowledge sharing on creativity & entrepreneurshipfor the creative sector. - Family business: business and entrepreneurship knowledge sharing specifically for family businesses.

Creation date: 29/09/2017

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