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Flanders Knowledge Center Water

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The Flanders Knowledge Center Water, abbreviated to Vlakwa, is a demand-driven, facilitating intermediary for the integral water cycle and wants to stimulate cooperation between different water actors in view of the strategic and socio-economic importance of water in Flanders. Vlakwa initiates, coordinates and facilitates knowledge building, stimulates collaboration and exchange of experiences and intellectual property. Vlakwa works for and with governments, authorities, industry and universities or research centers. These joined forces must result in a sustainable water management with win back effects for Flanders (e.g. job creation, export, eco-efficiency). Vlakwa is an independent department within VITO. The latter is a leading European independent research and technology organisation in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development, elaborating solutions for the large societal challenges of today The main goals of Vlakwa are: - To support national and international valorisation of Flemish knowledge and technology; - To stimulate applied, complementary and demand-driven R&D activities; - To act as a central contact point, for consultancy services and the supply of information; - To share water knowledge and water experience, both nationally and worldwide; - To go between policy and industry for water related aspects. Vlakwa members are industrial federations (chemistry, food, textile, agriculture, steel, frozen vegetables), drinking water companies, water utilities, research institutes and water-related governmental organisations. Via its members, Vlakwa can target a wide audience and ensure project results are broadly disseminated. Vlakwa is member of WssTP and of the task force of EIP on Water.

Creation date: 25/05/2016

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Flanders Knowledge Center Water

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Higher education and research

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VLAKWA supports water-related projects on various themes such as water reuse, resource recovery, waste heat valorisation, water and ICT, emerging compounds, sensoring, etc. VLAKWA considers all water sources such as groundwater, surface water, rainwater, process water, wastewater.

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Experience in INTERREG project?


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We have already submitted Interreg NSR, Interreg NWE, Interreg Fr-Wa-Vl and Interreg Vl-Nl projects. The 2 seas program is however new for us.