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i-Cleantech Vlaanderen

Efficient use of resources and materials

Technological innovation

Low-Carbon technologies


The i-Cleantech Vlaanderen vzw (E: i-Cleantech Flanders) is a network organisation in Flanders, the Northern part of Belgium. Together with companies, research institutions, public bodies and civil society actors, i-Cleantech Flanders is a catalyst for innovation in a multitude of clean technologies and assists their subsequent implementation in society at large. More specifically, i-Cleantech Flanders’ mission is “to identify and encourage the development of cleantech instruments that accelerate the realisation of a sustainable world”. i-Cleantech Vlaanderen has activities in Oostende (GreenBridge - Wetenschapspark 1 - 8400 Oostende) and in Houthalen-Helchteren (GreenVille - Centrum-Zuid 1111 - 3530 Houthalen-Helchteren).

Creation date: 22/02/2016

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i-Cleantech Vlaanderen

Wetenschapspark 1
8400 Oostende

Arr. Oostende


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Business support organisation

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cleantech - cluster - innovation - energy - water- materials- mobility -circular economy - low carbon economy - transition

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