Kamp C

Kamp C, provincial center for sustainable building and living

Circular economy

Efficient use of resources and materials

Technological innovation


Kamp C mission is the acceleration of the transition towards a sustainable environment. It gives independent and neutral sustainable building and living advice to various stakeholders. It has built several demonstrations of sustainable building. It is actively involved with building companies and with making them work together and increase the uptake and spreading of innovation in the sector. It has recently launched 'De Wijk van Morgen': a vision to increase open innovation and cooperation in the building sector. Under this vision it started with three clusters: 3D printing in the building sector, circular economy in the build environment and modular building.

Creation date: 25/05/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1


Kamp C, provincial center for sustainable building and living

Britselaan 20
2260 Westerlo

Arr. Turnhout


Bloc 2

Type of actor

Regional public authority

Bloc 3

Interest to cooperate

Circular economy in the build environment. Innovation and sustainability in the build environment. Up-scaling of NZEB retrofitting.

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Experience in INTERREG project?