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LiCalab supports businesses and organisations in the health and care sector by testing and validating innovations with end users, in their own living environment. We focus on technological innovations, nutritional concepts, exercise and revalidation, mental health and informal care. Co-creation: LiCalab involves the end user to develop innovations in all phases of the development process. During co-creation workshops, the end users get together in small groups to think about the new product or service. How does it fit into their daily lives? How can the development be improved? We use creative tools and techniques to achieve this (brainstorming, personas, diaries, prototyping...). Users with real needs generate ideas and become co-developers. Live tests: LiCalab has a large, diverse panel of real users with real needs. Panel members evaluate the user-friendliness and effectivity of an innovation in their daily working and living environments. This identifies concrete issues and possibilities. Life tests give us more insight in what goes well or not, and especially why. Based on these experiences, the developers can adapt their concept. Surveys, questionnaires and polls: How do end users view your innovative idea? How will they use it? How much are they willing to pay for it? Are you looking for general tendencies in a larger population? Surveys are a great research tool to get answers to these questions. LiCalab approaches your target group and interviews them, both online and offline. Professional, tailored advice: LiCalab provides entrepreneurs with an environment in which they can extensively test innovative solutions together with end users. LiCalab goes through all your questions in advance. Based on a face-to-face talk, LiCalab will advise on which approach is suitable. Together we will determine the necessary steps and which techniques and methods will yield the best results.

Creation date: 10/10/2017

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We focus on technological innovations, nutritional concepts, exercising and revalidation, mental health and informal care.

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