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Medway Council

Social innovation

Efficient use of resources and materials

Circular economy


Medway Council is a Unitary Local Authority in South East England with experience of running 23 INTERREG projects during the 2007-13 programme. We have strong Employability, Economic Development and Regeneration functions. We are interested in social innovation, circular economy and resource efficiency projects. We are also happy to work with and promote other local organisations who have experience of INTERREG.

Creation date: 17/05/2016

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Medway Council

Gun Wharf
Dock Road
United Kingdom

Medway Towns

Bloc 2

Type of actor

Local public authority

Bloc 3

Interest to cooperate

Interested in economic development, business support, employability, NEET reduction, NEET prevention, skill development, soft skill development, employee retention, supporting disadvantaged groups, developing our markets, flood defences, urban regeneration, heritage led regeneration, cultural/creative sector development, improving early years provision, reducing waste, increasing recycling, use of ports, Innovation Centre Medway, Enterprise Zone development, use of Assisted Area Status, supporting the visitor economy (tourism) and more.

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Experience in INTERREG project?