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Capelle aan den IJssel

Municipallity of Capelle aan den IJssel

Adaptation to Climate Change

Social innovation

Adaptation to Climate Change


We are a municipallity of 65.000 inhabitants -6 meters below sea level.

Creation date: 14/04/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1


Municipallity of Capelle aan den IJssel

Rivierweg 111
2903AR Capelle aan den IJssel


Bloc 2

Type of actor

Local public authority

Bloc 3

Interest to cooperate

We are interested in coorperating with climate change topics and Social Innovation. We are also open for coorperation on other topics our municipallity has to deal with, where we prefer a partners that face similar challenges. If we have no interest in partipating we can help find a suitable project partner.

Bloc 4

Experience in INTERREG project?


Bloc 5


Our staff has been involved as lead partner and project partner in several Interreg projects.