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Flanders has one of the densest and most coherent waterway networks in Europe. Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV (W&Z) wishes to capitalise on this important asset in the best possible way. And we have a clear vision on how to go about this: we are working towards a dynamic management of our waterways, including the areas along it. W&Z stimulates the use of these waterways and this land, while taking into account the interests of all the stakeholders involved and paying additional attention to sustainable growth, flood protection and integrated water management. W&Z implements its vision by means of several activities. W&Z considers its mission to be an important social project and implements a modern, innovative and future-oriented policy focusing on a prosperous, mobile, safe and green Flanders. W&Z translates its mission in three related key tasks: Stimulation of water transport. Inland waterway transport and short sea shipping are sources of prosperity. Moreover they provide a remedy against the adverse effects of the continuously increasing transport flows on our roads. That is why W&Z is making every effort to encourage inland waterway transport. It is relatively cheap, energy-efficient, punctual, safe and environmentallyfriendly: there are several advantages to waterway transport for businesses and for society as a whole. As the logistics hub of Europe, Flanders recognises the importance of inland waterway transport and waterbound logistics activities for our region’s future. W&Z plays an active role in this frame and therefore takes initiatives aimed at making inland waterway transport stronger, easier and more efficient. Water management. W&Z strives to limit damage as a result of flooding. Together with our partners in Flanders and abroad we are working to achieve an economically and socially responsible safety level. Living on and along a waterway. W&Z realises that our rivers and canals are so much more than useful infrastructure for environmentally-friendly transportation and the drainage of rainwater. They contribute to determining the face, the appeal and the viability of Flanders. That is why W&Z likes to boost life on and alongside waterways.

Creation date: 24/03/2016

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Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV

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Regional public authority

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low carbon transport on inland waterways - flood management - resource efficient economy - technological transport innovations

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