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2 Seas cities are ready in case of heavy rainfall

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2 Seas cities are ready in case of heavy rainfall

As in many places around the world, the 2 Seas region is also facing increasing risks of heavy rainfall. This poses great challenges, especially in cities.

The outdated drainage systems in urban areas often cannot cope with heavy rain showers because of climate change. How can cities expand their water storage capacity in an innovative and sustainable manner?

At the end of 2016, seven cities from the 2 Seas region joined forces to develop solutions to this problem. The partners immediately jumped out of the starting blocks and today, all results are visible. 

Middelburg has provided 2000 cubic meters of new space for rainwater storage, so that 250 surrounding houses are protected against flooding. Sustainable drainage customizations in Plymouth have opened the door to the construction of 300 new homes. The transformation of a historic waterway in Mechelen has significantly increased the city’s water storage capacity and created an important tourism asset. 

The Water Resilient Cities partners have produced a useful map to locate the several investments. Apart from the cities already mentioned above, the map also shows what was implemented in the cities of Wimereux and Bruges. You can find a download link below.

More information about Water Resilient Cities: https://waterresilientcities.eu/