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2 Seas Virtual Voyage: registration is open

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2 Seas Virtual Voyage: registration is open

The Interreg 2 Seas Programme Authorities are proud to invite you to join them on the 2 Seas Virtual Voyage on 21 September.

Are you interested in learning how people living or working in the 2 Seas area are benefiting from cross border cooperation? Are you wondering how Interreg 2 Seas changes the lives of 2 Seas citizens?

Then, do not hesitate and register to join us on this exciting digital trip!

For this special occasion, Wim De Vilder will be our captain. Wim is one of the regulars in the newsroom at VRT, the public broadcaster of the Flemish Community in Belgium. He presents the prime-time news programme ‘Het Journaal’.

Captain Wim will lead us the way on the six following thematic journeys throughout different territories in England, France, The Netherlands and Belgium:

  • Voyage 1: Improved knowledge and products
  • Voyage 2: Increased skills
  • Voyage 3: Carbon savings
  • Voyage 4: Policy influence
  • Voyage 5: Improved services
  • Voyage 6: Improved climate resilience

Each journey will involve three examples of how people from numerous territories across the area benefit from 2 Seas cooperation.

After each journey, Wim will invite members of the 2 Seas community to comment on the themes discussed.

The estimated duration of this voyage is 90 minutes.

Click here to register.