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5 new projects approved

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5 new projects approved

Last week, the 2 Seas Monitoring Committee, which gathered in the medieval city of Norwich, has approved 5 new projects. Congratulations to all of the partners involved! This brings the total number of Interreg 2 Seas projects to 55.

Here are brief descriptions of the freshly approved projects:

(Click on a project’s acronym to find out more details.)

FLAVOUR will create socially innovative business models to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of services dealing with food surplus, whilst creating jobs and pathways to employment. The project will process new marketable food products made out of food surplus.

The circular economy project PlastiCity unites researchers, entrepreneurs and public bodies to develop replicable strategies and solutions to promote recycling. By unlocking the use of ‘lost plastics’ as secondary resources from the urban environment, PlastiCity aims at increasing recycling rates for these types of plastics from 20-30% to over 50%.

AGE’IN is a social innovation project focusing on the independence of elderly. A cross-border consortium of 12 partners will work out a strategy combining house adaptations with the development of a real local ecosystem for ageing population.

Hydroponic cultivation systems offer great potential to produce high-quality crops with reduced environmental impact. Hy4Dense will test this technology on densely sown crops and work directly with manufacturers and growers to ensure the uptake of this technique.

The 15 partners of M.O.T.I.O.N will work together to advance development and validation of bionic rehabilitation technology for children with neurological disorders. The project aims to deliver innovative technology that will improve the quality of life for these children.

Altogether, these new projects will receive a total of 16.84mio of ERDF. This means there is still 78.45 million EUR available.

For those interested, please find here more information on the current call of proposal.