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Call 6 is now open!

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Call 6 is now open!

The 6th call is finally open!

You can now submit your Concept Note on the Electronic Exchange Platform.

Please have a look at the following page for more info.


As a reminder, the first step will be open until the 02/05/2018 (23:59 Brussels time).

This first step will enable Programme Authorities to steer projects in order to successfully implement the Programme strategy.

By the end of July 2018 applicants will receive recommendations on the submitted Concept Notes. The opening of step 2 will be by the beginning of August 2018 and will close with the submission of an Application Form by 06/11/2018 (23:59 Brussels time).

Only CN submitted in time in step 1 allow the submission of a full Application Form in step 2.


You can also consult the page calls for proposals to find all relevant documents.