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Call 7 applicants are getting ready

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Call 7 applicants are getting ready

Last week over 80 French applicants took part in the applicant seminar organised in Lille. The training focused on how to develop a concept note in the 7th call for proposals.

One of the enthusiastic participants was Hélène Luther-Caby. Hélène is working for Le Partenariat, a Lille based organisation that aims to promote citizenship and international solidarity among French and European youngsters. Developing innovative pedagogic models, Le Partenariat would love to join forces with organisations across the border that are equally looking for solutions to tackle societal and educational challenges in the 2 Seas area. Hélène and her colleagues are particularly interested in active learning models.

The applicant seminar has helped Hélène in having a better understanding of several aspects of the Interreg 2 Seas Programme:

“I have learnt more about the different objectives of the Programme and about the key elements of writing a project proposal. Personally, I was very pleased with the explanation on the intervention logic and the particularities of the current call for proposals. Also, I now have a clear understanding of how the Technical Assistance is organised and how they can support applicants in the development of a project.”

Are you interested in joining one of our Call 7 applicant seminars? Do not wait any longer and register via the corresponding website:

  • Brussels (in Dutch) | 16 October | website
  • London (in English) | 23 October | website

You can also contact one of our territorial facilitators. They will be happy to help you to find the right partners for your project and to give you concrete tips on the writing of your project proposal.