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Celebrate achievements: 2 Seas Mid-Term Review wrap-up

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Celebrate achievements: 2 Seas Mid-Term Review wrap-up

Last week’s successful 2 Seas Mid-Term Review event brought together over 400 enthusiastic cross-border cooperation actors. The ICC in Ghent offered a great scene for this excellent opportunity to demonstrate the first achievements of the projects co-funded by the Interreg 2 Seas 2014-2020 Programme.

The opening session included a global overview of what the first six calls for proposals have generated: 282 concept notes, 145 application forms and 69 approved projects. The 2 Seas community now counts 699 project partners and 876 observer partners. From the initial 241 million euro of ERDF available, 28 million has not yet been committed. A new state of play can be expected in the second half of 2019, when the Monitoring Committee has decided on the Call 7 proposals. 

After the event opening, participants joined for six thematic workshops in which they were presented with more specific project stories. Project representatives took place in the panel and introduced the lively thematic discussions with their concrete first achievements.

The coffee breaks offered the opportunity to explore the exhibition in which  65 of the approved projects occupied a stand presenting their partnerships, activities and first results. Further networking was promoted through a much-appreciated dinner at the end of the first event day.

On the second day, participants took part in technical workshops on complex partnership management, target group involvement and project and financial management. These sessions enabled project staff to meet and exchange ideas with peers in order to improve the implementation of their projects.

The event closed with an inspiring presentation on the future of maritime cooperation, promising words by the Programme National Authority representatives and an award celebration for the most popular videos, produced by 2 Seas projects.


Click here for the presentations, attendance list, pictures and videos.