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Excellent news: a 7th Call will be launched this summer!

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Excellent news: a 7th Call will be launched this summer!

The 2 Seas Programme closed its 6th Call for projects on 2 May 2018. We received 42 concept notes which shows that the Programme still arouses great interest!

Back in February, when the 6th call was launched, it was presented as the last “secured” call. Why? Because all subsidy contracts between the Programme and the projects will be signed before March 2019, the date on which the United Kingdom will leave the European Union (Brexit).

Today, as the Brexit negotiations evolve, we receive very positive signals regarding the possibility to carry on with programming and continue to select projects after March 2019.

The March 2018 draft agreement on Brexit, published by the European Commission and agreed by both the European Council and the United Kingdom, clearly states that the United Kingdom will continue to be part of EU funded Programmes for the whole 2014-2020 programming period. The caveat that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed is still valid, however, the political messages are clear and encouraging.

This is the reason why the 2 Seas Programme authorities have decided to launch a 7th call in the second half of 2018. The exact dates will be defined during the Monitoring Committee in July and will then be published on the Programme website.

What is the scenario proposed for the 7th call?

Applicants will be invited to submit a concept note (step 1) before the end of 2018 on which they will receive feedback in March 2019.

The timing of the feedback coincides with the final Brexit agreement, which means that when launching step 2 the terms of the Brexit agreement will be fully known and ratified by all parties.

Please also note that all projects approved in the 7th call will have around three-year implementation period ensured.  

Autumn 2018 is therefore the ideal time to develop your project and the 2 Seas Technical Assistance will be actively assisting you to develop and implement your project.

Please contact the Territorial Facilitator in your area to discuss the possibilities for your organisation to become a 2 Seas project partner.