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Future of the 2 Seas

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Future of the 2 Seas

UK announcement

At the end of June, the UK government announced that it will not participate to any future Interreg programmes (with the exception of the PEACE + Programme) in the 2021-2027 programming period.

Reactions from France and Flanders

The Programme acknowledges the UK position with regret but also fully respects the will of the UK government.

Following this announcement, Hauts de France Region and the prefect of Hauts de France representing the French State have sent a letter to the DG REGIO, to the attention of European Commissioner Elisa Ferreira, pledging to continue cooperation in the 2 Seas area.

The Flemish Region has sent a similar letter in which it also expressed a strong wish to pursue cooperation with a strong focus on dealing with the consequences of Brexit and maritime challenges in the Strait area.

France and Flanders are convinced that territorial cooperation in the Channel and North Sea area is even more needed now than in the past, knowing that the Strait area is among those hit most hard by Brexit and will in a very near future form an external border of the Union.

Brexit and the non-participation of UK in future territorial cooperation programmes does not mean that challenges on the maritime border will disappear.

The Strait area will remain one of the busiest seaways in the world and will therefore continue to require a close joint cooperation between its neighbouring countries on many issues as blue economy, energy, maritime traffic, environment, adaptation to climate change, …

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Do not forget: if you wish to keep cooperating in the future, we encourage you to raise your voice now and share your view with political representatives in your region, in your country and in Brussels. The legislation regarding the future will be finalised in the coming few weeks!

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