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Project CASCADE needs your vote

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Project CASCADE needs your vote

One of the 2 Seas social innovation projects, CASCADE has been listed as a good practice example to take part in the REGIOSTARS awards. This competition aims to award Europe’s most innovative, regional projects. CASCADE was selected in category 5 "Modernising Health Services".

According to the World Health Organisation, the worldwide number of people living with dementia will triple from 50 million to 152 million in the next 30 years. The CASCADE partners develop a financially sustainable approach to elderly/dementia care (EDC) that can be replicated across the 2 Seas area and potentially further across Europe.

Next to the category awards, there is also a public choice award. Support CASCADE by placing your vote. Participating is very easy; simply go to the page listing all category 5 candidates and 'like' CASCADE.

The project with the highest number of ‘likes’ will be invited to the awards ceremony on 9 October.


You can vote until 9 July.

Watch the BBC documentary about CASCADE's Harmonia Village in Dover, the UK's first dementia village: