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Save the date – 2 Seas annual event “Reaching new heights together”

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Save the date – 2 Seas annual event “Reaching new heights together”

Since its take-off in 2014, the Interreg 2 Seas Programme has supported over 800 organisations, giving wings to no fewer than 82 cross-border cooperation projects.

The 2 Seas annual event will highlight the achievements of 2 Seas cooperation, and will explore new destinations for the future.

All 82 projects will have the chance to be showcased in a dedicated exhibition area, which will also serve as a networking forum for participants to maintain and expand their networks.

The event will thus offer a unique opportunity to demonstrate and discuss today's achievements, and to learn more about how new funding opportunities.  

Whether you represent a 2 Seas project partner or an organisation interested in future cooperation, we warmly invite you to save the date and get ready to reach new heights, together!

The 2 Seas annual event: "Reaching new heights together!” will be organised on 29 and 30 September (from lunch to lunch) in the Fokker Terminal in The Hague (The Netherlands).

Why you should participate?

During the event you will be able to:

  • LEARN where we are at.
    The 2 Seas Programme will give a state of play of the project achievements and an outlook on the years ahead.
  • DISCOVER what we have to offer.
    Project “energisers” will initiate a discussion on the potential for capitalisation and future cooperation.
  • APPRECIATE where the funding opportunities are.
    “Guest” Programmes will promote funding opportunities to go a step further.
  • UNDERSTAND what you can build together.
    All together, you will deepen your understanding of funding opportunities that are relevant to you.
  • DISCUSS how we can reach new heights together.
    In the exhibition space, a networking forum will offer an ideal setting to connect with current and/or future partners.


More information on this event will soon be available on the Programme website. You can also follow the 2 Seas Twitter account to keep up with the event preparations.

Register for the Programme newsletter and receive the invitation for the annual event firsthand.