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Wastewater as a resource: Nereus leads the way

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Wastewater as a resource: Nereus leads the way

It is stating the obvious to say that resources are becoming scarce. More than ever, solutions need to be found to make efficient use of resources and materials. The Nereus partners have understood this very well and have taken up the baton to develop solutions for the water scarcity in the 2 Seas region. More concretely, Nereus aims to recover resources, water and energy from wastewater in urban areas.

The project consortium brings together private companies, public partners and universities from England, the Netherlands, France and Flanders. Together, they will prepare a strategy that will help design tomorrow’s water treatments. In five different locations, nine decentralized wastewater plants will be placed to recover energy, resources (f.i nutrients) and water.

The first Nereus democase officially opened in Rotterdam on 28 June. You can find more information on this democase via this link.

If you want to know who is working together in this project and what other achievements this project is aiming for, have a look at their project website.