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We have reached new heights, together!

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We have reached new heights, together!

Over 200 cross-border cooperation experts and professionals of the 2 Seas area gathered on 29th and 30th September 2022 in The Hague to participate in the Annual Event. 

The members of the 2 Seas community had the chance to finally meet each other again physically and enjoy the excellent and inspiring atmosphere at Fokker Terminal.  

During their stay at the city of peace and justice they have not only been able to discover a series of stunning project achievements, but also to explore, along with guest programmes, how to reach new heights and prepare for the future.

In case you have joined us in The Hague, please take a few minutes to reflect on your experience and share your thoughts with us in this survey
The event survey is running until 12 November.

We would like to thank all participants, speakers, exhibitors and partners who have contributed to the success of this Annual Event.

We hope the showcase of 2 Seas achievements has inspired you and that the event has also provided you with fresh ideas for future development and cooperation.

Keep an eye out on the Programme website, as the presentations, pictures and videos will be shared in the upcoming weeks.