Attracting talent / stimulate innovation and skills in the health and social care labor market

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Social innovation


The health and social care sector will become an increasingly important economic sector. However, this sector is facing a shortage of labor forces: nurses, caretakers, doctors,… to work in hospitals and care centers for young children, elderly people and persons with disabilities, etc... Moreover, the delivery of care and health will face radical changes and innovation (programming, technology,…). This will affect the demand and the required skills of the future labor force. This is not only a problem in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The province of Antwerp is aware of these facts and wants to encourage adolescents to pursue a career in the health and social care sector. Even though there is a high demand for labor forces in the health and social care sector, there is also a high unemployment rate amongst youth, refugees,…. The province of Antwerp wants to encourage relevant target groups that are currently unemployed to work in the health and care sector. In partnership with local authorities (city of Antwerp,…), the public employment service (VDAB), educational institutions and employers, the province of Antwerp will develop several actions with a focus on these groups.

Creation date: 31/05/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1

Overall objective

1. Building a strong and solid health and social care sector where demand for labor matches the supply. 2. Develop skilled workforces trough innovation in education, training and human resources. 3. Stimulate start-ups for flourishing health and social care businesses. 4. Building a strong partnership and cooperation model with stakeholders

Bloc 2


1. Tools to monitor regional supply and demand for labor in the health and care sector. 2. Innovative training and educational programs in schools and the workplace. 3. Tools to promote human resources for health and care organizations inspired on the WHO-model. 4. Tools to promote the health and social care sector as a career choice and as a place for social entrepreneurial startups. 5. A strong and interactive network/eco-system of stakeholders working together.

Bloc 3

Expected result

A sufficient number of (skilled) people find their way to training or to job vacancies. Demand and supply for labor in the health and care sector will be better balanced. Through a better human resources policy in organizations and social entrepreneurship, careers of health and care workers will flourish. The health and social care needs of all citizens will be met.

Bloc 4

Cross-border added-value

The health and care sector is under pressure in the 2 seas area. Therefore we need to invest in training employees and encourage working and investing in the health care sector (project Seas2Grow). Exchanging and investing together in innovative ideas will help us to attract people and help the workplace and educational institutions to innovate in the face of the changing needs.