Circular Economy in the building sector

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Circular economy


CEBuilds will demonstrate and increase the uptake of the circular economy in the build environment within the 2 Seas area via physical demonstrations and actively involving building companies (focus on SME’s). To address the systemic challenges of the building sector (low resource efficiency, low adaptability of buildings,…). CEBuilds will accelerate the circular economy in the sector and focus on circular business models, building techniques, boundary conditions (policy, law,…) and circular procurement.

Creation date: 31/05/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1

Overall objective

To demonstrate and increase the uptake of the CE in the built environment via physical demonstrations and actively involving companies to address systemic challenges in the building sector. For the SME’s in the sector to transition and adapt circular business models and create sustainable jobs. Furthermore it aims to achieve more circular buildings and materials efficiency by demonstrating circular procurement and techniques.

Bloc 2


Several physical demonstrations of circular buildings and circular techniques, Realcases of circular procurement and business models, Active involvement of companies and mainly SME's in the building sector, A part of the SME's who will change (part of) their business from linear to circular.

Bloc 3

Expected result

For the circular economy to become concrete on the ground in a regional context and more circular buildings will be build. This will result in more material efficient building, more reuse (and not reclining - downcycling) of building materials/components and therefor reduction of waste and less demand of raw materials. Circular buildings will also be more adaptable and can accommodate future uses. This will lead to less vacancy of buildings. Furthermore SME's adapting to circular economy will have less change of bankruptcy and create sustainable jobs.

Bloc 4

Cross-border added-value

Seeing as the systemic problems of the building sector are the same in the whole territory, we will address the whole of the 2 Seas area. The benefits of the demonstrations are useful for the whole territory and active involvement of SME’s in the building sector in the sub regions is necessary to truly come to an acceleration of the circular economy and adapt the separation concept of base building and fit-out. The demonstrations will tackle different aspects and have different approaches, so they have value for different areas.