Climate Adaption Across The Seas

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Adaptation to Climate Change


Norfolk County Council is keen to implement innovative community focussed solutions to the issue of flooding caused by climate change. It is vital that all aspects of society are made as resilient as possible to the increasing threats that climate change poses. To this end a package of activity is necessary drawing upon the range of expertise tackling common issues across the 2 seas region in order to make real progress, pool resources and learn from each other.

Creation date: 04/05/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1

Overall objective

To increase the flood resilience and protection of communities and businesses across the 2 Seas region. We are keen to try out a modelled means of preventing flooding which would involve persuading large numbers of home owners to attach water butts or plant containers to their guttering systems which slowly release water into the drains. This would be innovative as no organisation has tried to defend communities from flooding by involving the community itself in installing measures to their own homes to help prevent it. Whilst concrete flood defences in public spaces cost millions, if citizens can be engaged to help by this means it could be extremely cost effective and potentially a model of good practice that could be replicated in many other locations too. We are keen to work with Dutch, Belgian or French partners on a joint project to devise and implement this scheme as well as complimentary scheme suggestions from partners in cities in each of our countries, using our combined skills and experience to devise the best solutions to make this work.

Bloc 2


Flood defence solutions for communities and businesses. Thereby improving the ecosystem-based capacity of 2 Seas stakeholders to climate change and its associated water-related effects

Bloc 3

Expected result

Communities and businesses will be better prepared for flood incidents, minimising physical and economic damages as well as increasing regional confidence in investment and job creation. We hope that this scheme could demonstrate a model of best practice which could be replicated across many further locations.

Bloc 4

Cross-border added-value

Each country has a pool of expertise which can contribute expertise towards project and service ideas to tackle our common aims of better adaption to the threats to communities and economies across the two seas region. Together much more can be achieved than the sum of our parts and it is for this reason that we invite our European colleagues from any relevant type of organisation to help develop ideas and perhaps further project strands towards our aims and objectives.