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Social innovation


There is a lot of presure on actual care models (higher demand for care versus savings, more focus on the core functions of care. Professional care is becoming more formal. Low care and social contact in professional care is under stress. Changed nuclear families lack time to take care of people surrounding them. Stuctural long-term voluntering is loosing intrest, youngsters seem to be more attracted towards short-term and tergeted volunteering. Appealing on this short-term commitment we want to create a neighborhood whete older people can stay home longer even when some care is needed.

Creation date: 30/05/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1

Overall objective

- improving quality of life in neigborhoods, - making neighborhoods stronger - increasing community spirit - encountering and cooping with smaller needs in care, care that is not provided by professionals - empowering existing networks - efficiency improvement toward means and people - improving alingment of offer and demand (online and offline-

Bloc 2


- a workable model for improvement and empowerment of neighborhoods - put up pilots in the at least tree regions - online app that can support the neighborhood in caring for each other, and makes things rapportable and possible to monitor

Bloc 3

Expected result

- make care more informal en obvious within a neighborhood - keeping institutional care sustainable by avoiding early institutonal care - create open and warm neighborhoods - create a care-watch (simular to crime watch) in the neigborhood based on volunteering.

Bloc 4

Cross-border added-value

As these problems, higher demand for care and lower means to provide this care along with the decreasing community feeling in neighborhoods, do not stop at borders. In most of of the countries initiatives has been set up with a more of lesser result. Bringing these ideas together could create an opportunity to learn from esperiences.