Sustainable Food Cities

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Social innovation


We want to develop a cross border project with European cities interested in developing city-wide cross sector food partnerships working together to transform food culture and the food system and to tackle some of the most urgent social, economic and environmental issues related to food.

Creation date: 23/05/2016

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1

Overall objective

We would like to develop the objectives of this project with European partners, but we would expect the project to include: 1) sharing learning on social innovation related to collaborative and holistic cross-sector approaches to transforming food culture and the food system of cities; and 2) developing, delivering and exchanging best practice on approaches to specific food related issues in cities, such as food poverty and diet-related disease, improving food education and skills, creating a vibrant sustainable food economy, promoting sustainable food procurement and tackling food waste.

Bloc 2


We would want to develop these outputs with prospective European partners

Bloc 3

Expected result

Increased numbers of cities establishing cross-sector food partnerships Increased effectiveness of those partnerships through exchange of learning and best practice Measurable positive social (health), economic and environmental impacts from the activities of those partnerships

Bloc 4

Cross-border added-value

There is an immense amount of innovation in this field across Europe. The UK has a very different social, economic, political and cultural operational environment to the rest of Europe and it is clear that there is much we could learn from the continent on how to have greater impact on food culture and the food system through both local policy and programmes