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Shaping Climate change Adaptive PlacEs

Priority Axis

Adaptation to Climate Change

Specific objective

Adaptation to Climate Change

Lead partner

Stad Oostende

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Project budget

6 350 313

ERDF amount

3 810 188

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    Common challenge

    Coastal landscapes in the 2 Seas area are particularly sensitive to the water-related effects of climate change, specifically flooding, rainfall and drought. To become more resilient to climate change, a better understanding of water management solutions that can improve the ability of these landscapes, to cope with intense rainfall and rising sea levels is needed. SCAPE will address this challenge by developing and testing innovative water management solutions for coastal sites in urban, rural and fringe areas that experience flooding problems using a landscape led design (LLD) approach.

    Main Achievements

    Lots of dissimination activities and stakeholder events have taken place: guided tours, webinars, lectures, articles, presentations,...

    According to comments on our previous report, we adjusted the LLDportal and guidelines (the lld-portal has been placed online, as part of a new overiew website:

    The study “Water balance of the coast” - finalized beginning of 2019. 

    PILOTS + different crossborder meetings

    ZWIN rural pilot completed: 4th of Feb: inauguration (Instalment waiting lines and cable pits - Construction of new tube, including drainage and signalling work - Placing front walls on both sides of the new tube and asphalting road surface)

    OSTEND completed Gardens of Stene fringe pilot: 8th of June: inauguration. All citizens of the city of Ostend + European partners +148 people (stakeholders) who were involved in the project during the last years, were invited. We continued with phase 2 an extension towards the school and realised the “testfields”. In 2019 main focus was dissemination.

    MIDDELBURG: 3 July: positive court ruling regarding “Essenvelt” - preparatory works were completed. July 22: tender for infrastructure work for water mgmt based on multifunctional landscape led design principles. The works started in Sept 2019 and delivered at end of December. The planting is foreseen in spring 2020 (in case the salinity level of the soil is too high, the planting has to be postponed).

    TMVW: The delays as a result of unexpected permits, have been largely caught-up. The works have now been contracted and started and are expected to only be finalised with limited delay. 
    In anticipation of the permitTMVW/FARYS had done a test-set up, and a second climate test was done with this test set-up. This has been very successful and lessons learned were included in the procurement of the works and also contributed to the design of the BHCC Urban pilot.

    KENT: Following a faltering start, the delivery of the Kent pilot has picked up speed. A current and high-resolution LiDAR survey was completed (funded through project development through Interreg 2 Seas ICAReS project) and used to provide more accurate information for determining and implementing projects. 

    BHCC: in spring 2019, RBA presented its detailed designs to local communities and project partners. The feedback received along with results of Ground Penetrating Radar surveys generated the need for a re-design of the Carden Avenue pilot. Construction in spring 2020




    Provincie West-Vlaanderen

    Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij

    Kent County Council

    Brighton & Hove City Council

    Gemeente Middelburg

    Waterschap Scheldestromen


    URL / Download

    Digital LLD portal for water management that provides LLD guidelines

    Theme: Climate change - Nature management
    Type: Method/tool
    Target: Local, regional and national authorities - SMEs /enterprises - Water management organisations

    Pilots - landscape led design solutions for water management in urban fringe coastal landscape

    Theme: Climate change - Nature management
    Type: Physical equipment/pilot
    Target: Local, regional and national authorities - SMEs /enterprises - Water management organisations

    Joint strategy for the incorporation of LLD within water management

    Theme: Climate change - Nature management
    Type: Strategy/action plan
    Target: SMEs /enterprises - Universities and research centres - Water management organisations