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AGE INdependently

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Social Innovation

Lead partner

Boulogne sur mer Développement Côte d'Opale (BDCO)

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4 324 716

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2 594 829

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    À propos

    Common challenge

    Demographic change is one of the key societal challenges in the world as in the 2 seas zone. The number of elderly citizens is increasing continuously, but cities are struggling to adapt to their needs especially as there is an increased demand which can’t be met. Besides, the current focus is on the loss of autonomy of ageing population, while very little is done towards preventing this loss and helping the ageing population remain at home which is aggravated by inappropriate planning and real estate market, insufficient and non-coordinated social and health services, lack of awareness and low digital literacy.

    Main Achievements

    The main achievements are described below

    WP1 :Following the training course on the housing enabler organised by VIVES in September 2019, all involved partners got a common methodology to screen housings and flats. In 2020 168 houses have been screened in Belgium and in the NL.
    The univ of Plymouth and Vives published a systematic review : How can technology support ageing in place in healthy older adults? The results were gathered in infographics available in the 3 languages of the programme called "technologies for ageing in place" and "how to raise awareness in the ageing population"
    In November a partner meeting was organised and a training on focus groups was organised for all PPs.

    WP2 : Partners have been working together on social detection tools, on focus groups, on conducted conversation. A training course on how to detect isolated and fragile senior citizens has been organised in Bruges for all partners involved in WP2 in January 2020. Following that training course, a ready to use training kit has been published in France. So far 58 isolated seniors have been interviewed.

    WP3 :Pilot one is almost finished : the connected kitchen will be finished in april 2021. Also VIVES created a technology box so that seniors can test products at home.
    Pilot 2 (enhanced Robot home) : university of Plymouth created many pedagogical videos on the interaction of robots with people as they couldn't work with elderly as initially planned.
    Pilot 3 : Flat 2 has been implemented by Habitat du littoral and allocated to a couple of elderly.

    WP4 : we managed to have our bi annual monitoring committee + partner meeting and site visit in the NL in March, just in time before the lockdown. Since then we have had many visio meetings, including the second bi annual monitoring committee that took place in december.

    WP5 : Age in has been a great opportunity to publish scientific results : the one mentioned in WP1, "Sustainable Housing Supporting Health and Well-Being" following the participation in an event organised by the Homes4Life project and "Experiment protocol for human-robot interaction studies with seniors with mild cognitive impairments" published by the university of Plymouth.

    The achievements are limited compared to Age in 's ambition. Housing adaptation issues are delayed for not being such a priority for seniors at the moment.(Health comes first!).However WP2 is still on track as people are keen to fight against social isolation.



    Habitat du Littoral

    Centre Social Eclaté de Saint Martin Boulogne

    Centre socioculturel Audrey Bartier

    Age UK Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly

    WAC Zeeuws-Vlaanderen

    OCMW Brugge - MINTUS

    VIVES University college

    University of Plymouth

    Clubster Santé


    Ville de Boulogne-sur-mer

    GIE Eurasanté


    CCAS Boulogne sur mer


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    Thème: Innovative social servicesHealthy Ageing
    Type: Strategy/action plan
    Target: Local, regional and national authorities


    Thème: Innovative social servicesHealthy Ageing
    Type: Pilot and demonstration action
    Target: Citizens


    Thème: Innovative social servicesHealthy Ageing
    Type: Method/service
    Target: Citizens


    Thème: Innovative social servicesHealthy Ageing
    Type: Pilot and demonstration action
    Target: Local, regional and national authorities


    Thème: Innovative social servicesHealthy Ageing
    Type: Pilot and demonstration action
    Target: Citizens