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Circular Bio-based Construction Industry

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Resource Efficient Economy

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Circular Economy

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6 969 596

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4 181 758

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    Common challenge

    The construction industry is a large consumer of resources with 30-50% of total materials used in Europe going to construction. Between 2003 and 2011 approximately 1200-1800 Megaton of construction materials were used yearly in the EU, emitting annually 33% of total CO2 emissions. However, often the components and materials used are not adaptable during their use- and life-cycle, because most building projects are still designed in a linear way, making reuse hard and hence resource efficiency low.

    Despite the EU’s wish to move from linear to circular systems, applicable circular approaches are scarce. Especially those coupling the technical and biological cycle with an integral approach of sectoral aspects: technique, economy & finance and framework & regulation. Enabling change towards integral circular bio-based approach in the building sector requires new roles of stakeholders in the building sector (manufacturers, constructors, policy makers, investors, contractors & endusers).



    Kamp C

    University of Bath


    Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI)

    Agrodome B.V.

    Flemish Construction Confederation

    KU Leuven

    Province of Zeeland

    HZ University of Applied Sciences