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Cooperative Brachytherapy

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Technological Innovation

Lead partner

University of Lille: Sciences and Technologies

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Project budget

3 801 252

ERDF amount

2 280 751

ERDF rate


    À propos

    Common challenge

    The common challenge concerned by CoBra project is related to the cancer control plan. 
    The CoBra project is interested on technological innovation for diagnosis and treatment of localised cancers able to enhance the quality of life for patient and reduce the cancer mortality.

    Main Achievements

    In March 2019, a plan of accomplishment of the tasks was discussed and validated by all the partners then transmitted to the JS. A model of Inputs / Outputs was obtained, showing interactions between the deliverables and outputs of each partner.
    The Kick-off of the project has been organized on the 4th of Oct. 2018 in Portsmouth (UK) with 45 participants, followed by a Joint Annual and Steering Meeting of the project. 

    For WP1, a state of art of the existing MR based technologies has been studied and analyzed for exploitation within the project specifications. 

    Concerning WP2, the overall requirements and specifications for LDR/HDR Brachytherapy (D2.1.1-D.2.1.2) and biopsy (D2.2.1) have been achieved. The first mapping of targeted patients from UK (D2.3.1) and the continent (D2.3.2) has been realized based on social and economic indicators of each region.

    In WP3, a preliminary work of the patented innovations in the field of MR-medical technologies has been launched to evaluate and realize a positioning of the expected innovation from CoBra.

    In WP4, new observer partners have been candidate to CoBra project, three industrials NORAS (Ge) and Eckert & Ziegler-Bebig (Ge), Therapanacea (Fr) where they provided equipment for patient support and dose delivery to design the new robotic concept. The third observer is academic; representing the Mechatronics Lab. from MIT (US), expert in designing innovative mechatronic systems. 
    Starting from Dec. 18, a technical meeting is organized every 2 weeks (Friday afternoon) using video conference for 1 hour between all the partners. The aim of this periodic meeting is to evaluate the progress of each partner.
    From financial management, two partners couldn’t claim at least one time this first year, mainly due to delay in finalizing the check by their FLC.

    From budget, it is noticed a gap between the estimated budget for this first year and the real claimed budget. This is due mainly to the delay in the investment on PP8 for MRI technology, where the amount of installation of such equipment increases the budgeted amount of investment. Also the investment of the robot guide (PP1) takes also time to define the best solution within CoBra and should be considered in the second year.

    From communication in WP5, CoBra partners participated to 5 events according to their expertise for project dissemination. During the first year, a communication tools have been realized such as: personalized Logo, Website, Leaflet and Poster



    Centre Oscar Lambret

    Delft University of Technology

    University of Portsmouth


    DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics West B.V.

    Technological Transfer Office North of France

    Veterinary, Oncology Centre Oncovet

    Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

    Demcon Advanced Mechatronics B.V.