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Innovation Cluster Accelerating Remote Sensing

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Framework Conditions for Innovation

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Gemeente Woensdrecht

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3 223 553

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1 934 132

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    Common challenge

    The 2 Seas area has challenges regarding innovation and environment, like to strengthen innovation by more R&D and exploitation opportunities, climate adaptation, preservation biodiversity and natural resources. Agriculture, nature and water are 3 major sectors in the 2 Seas area. Just these sectors faces these challenges and need innovations to tackle. More use and development of RS and data processing will create solutions to face these challenges and will also improve efficiency of these sectors. Obstacles to use RS are: lack of knowledge/awareness of the possibilities of RS, RS-SMEs are not fully aware of the role they can play, a lack of suitable test/demo locations and unclear policy on legislation on the use of drones for RS. Challenges are: aggregation of sector demands, translation to RS-SMEs and knowledge institutes, sites for demonstrating (new) RS-applications, harmonisation of legislation/regulations and a structure (durable cluster) to work together on these issues.

    Main Achievements

    The Icares project and its partners started the 2nd project year with the first demoday on the 16th of March. All organisations and interested parties, that have mentioned they are willing to participate in the cluster, were invited. More then 250 people attend the event.
    Based on the outcome of the events, the discussions, conversations with parties and the input on the inquiries held in 2017 the partners started with writing on the different reports of Workpackage 1. During the development of the reports the partners continously checked the contents with the demanding sectors during the differrent events in wich they participated.
    In the first half year of 2018 the development consurning the Rules and Regulations was excelerating. The first draft of the EASA regulations were published for consultation and the Icares-project was one of the parties that provided input in the consultation round. At the same time the different governements of the MS were working on the standard senarios that needs to be implemented with the EASA regulations.
    The Icares partners have asked the interrested parties in the cluster if they are willing to cooperate in developing the standard senrios. Cross-boarder cooperation is essential for the different standard senrios and can be applied through out all MS instead of different senrios for the individual MS.
    The partners made an inventory of all test and demo sites in the 2 seas area. After the first inventory sites from other EU MS wanted to join the development of the cluster. At this moment 29 testsites are participating in the cluster from 7 EU MS and it is still expanding. Based on the outcome of the inventory and the demands of the SME's the central testsite has been selcted in the 2 seas area. Due to the demands of the demanding sectors and the SME's the decentral test-site has been converted to a mobile test-site. For this mobile-site the Icares project intergrated the 3i mobile UAV ground station. The mobiel test-site aswell as the central testsite is been addepted to the current need and will be operational in 2019.
    In november 2018 the icaresproject hosted the first clusterevent. During this event the steeringcomitee and workgroups were installed consiting of partners and demanding organisations. Also the Taskforce Group legislation, The impulse demand group and the international civil drone council were installed. The basis has been layed for the further development of the cluster in 2019.



    University of Southampton

    Centre d'Innovation des Technologies sans Contact (CITC) – EuraRFID

    Geoinfra BV

    REWIN Projecten

    Skycap Ltd

    Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouw Organisatie - (ZLTO)

    Kent County Council

    De Vlaamse Waterweg nv

    DARPAS, Nederlandse vereniging voor professioneel gebruik van op afstand bestuurde luchtvaartuigen

    Instituut voor Landbouw- en Visserijonderzoek


    URL / Download

    A Task Force Group Regulations & Legislation about regulations and legislation in different countries

    Thème: Cluster development - Innovation
    Type: Network
    Target: Local, regional and national authorities - SMEs /enterprises - Organisations representing SMEs