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Implementation of Ship Hybridisation

Priority Axis

Low Carbon Technologies

Specific objective

Low Carbon Technologies


Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Haven Oostende

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Project budget

15 984 447

ERDF amount

9 206 068

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Common challenge

Shipping industry and suppliers must invest in low carbon propulsion systems, but facing a number of market failures, as:

  • Vessels have long operational lifetimes (30–40 years), so little incentive to retrofit or replace
  • Number of new built ships per year is low, so ROI in innovative systems for shipbuilders is low
  • Limited faith and knowledge in effectiveness of alternative propulsion technologies
  • Alternative fuelling infrastructures in ports are limited
  • Regulation, security and certification haven’t been clarified
  • Market control of traditional oil/gas companies, protecting traditional fuel systems

To tackle barriers, challenges are:

  • To demonstrate the effectiveness of low-carbon propulsion technologies in different types of vessels
  • To demonstrate the feasibility of H2 bunkering facilities in ports
  • To develop tools/methods which demonstrate and support the transition to low-carbon propulsion systems for new built vessels and by retrofitting