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Kent County Council is the democratically elected strategic authority for Kent. All priorities of the 2 Seas programme are relevant to our vision and priorities which are set out in our strategic statement, "Increasing Opportunities, Improving Outcomes". ¦ Kent County Council is highly experienced in Interreg and was a partner or lead partner in over 25 Interreg projects under the A, B and C strands between 2007-2013. These projects covered a variety of themes including environment, tourism, social inclusion, transport and SME support. ¦ Kent has a resident population of just over 1,510,400, making it the largest English county. Kent has a land area of 1,368 square miles and just over 350 miles of coastline. The Kent economy has a high proportion of small businesses - the latest data shows that 76.5% of all Kent's businesses employ 1 - 4 people. Firms employing 100 or more employees account for 0.9% of all businesses. ¦ Kent County Council has statutory responsibility for the provision of a wide range of public services and has the broad power under the Local Government Act 2000 to promote and improve the social,economic and environmental well-being of Kent.

Date de création : 06/05/2016

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During the 2014-2020 period, Kent County Council is looking to support 2 Seas projects delivered in Kent where they match the programme priorities, the vision and outcomes set out in Kent County Council's strategic statement "Increasing Opportunities, Improving Outcomes" and the policies agreed by the council.

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There are many teams and services across Kent County Council that have experience of working with EU-funded projects. Kent County Council's Economic Development division is responsible for coordinating the council's approach to European projects. New contacts can get in touch with us on international.affairs(at)