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L'Aéronef - association les spectacles sans gravité

Social innovation

Technological innovation

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Thanks to its artistic and cultural project, its team's know-how and the quality of its equipment, L’Aéronef is a reference center in the field of contemporary music on the regional, Euro-metropolitan and national territory. Certified ISO 20121 (responsible management applied to the event activity), L’Aéronef confirm its commitment to develop itself by ensuring better taking into account the social, economic and environmental impacts of its activity. Thus the principles of sustainable development (inclusion, integrity, transparency, vigilance) are now the key to L’Aéronef’s project. In addition to its missions of broadcasting concert(more than 140 events per year, organization of the Heartbeats cross-border festival), artistic accompaniment and creation assistance (notably a partner of the Live Europe platform (Program Europe Creative), L’Aéronef has been illustrated in many projects of cultural action and development of the public.

Date de création : 19/06/2017

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L'Aéronef - association les spectacles sans gravité

168, avenue Willy Brandt
59777 Euralille



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Infrastructure and (public) service provider

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Social innovation: We are convinced that promoting social inclusion (education, citizenship, employability) means, in the first place, encouraging, facilitating and maintaining the common cultural identity and cultural identity of individuals. L'Aéronef works towards full accessibility of its venue (Mobility of audiences, Reduced mobilty person / People with Disabilities) and of its concert programming (mediation, artistic education, spectator training). L’Aéronef also encourages the development of the ability of individuals to choose the appropriate cultural references, the abilty of interpret them and the ability to make its own through moments of immersion, involvement (professional internships, projects of artistic creation. Technological innovation: Through its activity, L'Aéronef has the capacity to be a place of experimentation.

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Experience in INTERREG project?


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Partner in the Liveurope project (Europe Creative program) Leader on the submission of a project INTERREG V France Wallonie Flandres - a project that did not succeed