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Transforming Integrated Care in the Community

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Social Innovation

Lead partner

The Health and Europe Centre


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Project budget

8 022 824

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4 813 694

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    Common challenge

    The 2Seas area faces clinical, social & financial challenges in health and social care as the population ages & public funding decreases. Recruitment & retention of the health and social care workforce in the 2Seas area is challenging & the situation will further deteriorate as the existing workforce ages. This has an impact on quality as perceived by patients. A number of initiatives have been highlighted as innovative but rarely get transferred from one country to another. The causes of these blockages need to be identified & a method developed for overcoming the barriers to transferability. The systems that have developed in the 2Seas region over the last 20 years have led to the fragmentation of care & a task driven, activity based approach & remuneration.

    TICC will enable countries in the 2Seas area (& later, beyond) to implement successful health & social care innovations
    quickly in a cost effective, sustainable way.

    Main Achievements

    TICC has continued to perform well in 2019, with growing collaboration between partners, and an improved sense of common purpose.
    Two two-day meetings were held (including Steering Groups), and one further one-day meeting, all involving all PPs.

    Output 2.1 - Implement changes to existing patient data gathering systems following the Omaha logic for better communication between nurses/care workers/patients - was delivered on schedule earlier in the year, in practice manifesting itself in different ways across the delivery partners due to their varying starting points and local needs. This part of the project is not over, in that opportunities to go further in terms of systems changes are likely to present themselves in future, and will be taken wherever possible.

    Output 1.1 - the implementation of a TICC model incorporating Buurtzorg learning - is now well under way in all delivery partners. It continues to prove challenging - but it represents a major organisational and cultural change, and even where positively sought, this is always difficult. The learning feeds Output 3.1 - the Blueprint - and the process for collecting and analysing learning is now well embedding. Evaluation partners work closely with other PPs at all times, working towards Output 4.1, the evaluation reports.

    Other highlights mentioned by one or more partners include:

    • Delivery partners increasingly developing their own experience of Buurtzorg/TICC, and exchanging/learning from each other
    • Successful team launches, with accompanying recruitment and staff training
    • Successful conferences and events, for example at the House of Lords, promoting teams and the TICC project
    • Press mentions, including BBC television
    • Sending staff to shadow Buurtzorg nurses, providing significant motivation
    • Increasing self-management, with balanced, independent teams
    • Professionalisation of the back office in support of the front-line teams' new missions
    • National recognition, notably in France, where a three-year pilot programme has government support
    • Evaluation has become more real and meaningful, taking into account differing local contexts, increasing delivery partners' motivation
    • Reaching out beyond the immediate partnership, to act as a catalyst for other self-organised teams within the 2Seas area
    • Positive progress on the Blueprint, showing the similarities as well as the challenges partners face



    Buurtzorg Concepts BV

    Kent County Council

    Kent Community Health Foundation Trust (Kent CHFT)

    Medway Community Healthcare

    Soignons Humain

    Public World

    Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen



    VIVAT Service à la personne

    Groupement des Hôpitaux de l’Institut Catholique de Lille

    H Z University

    La Vie Active


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    Thème: Innovative social servicesHealth care
    Type: Pilot and demonstration action
    Target: Health institutions


    Thème: Innovative social servicesHealth care
    Type: Pilot and demonstration action
    Target: Health institutions