Water Resilient Cities: Increasing urban resilience to climate change through improved storm water management | 2 Mers Seas Zeeën


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Water Resilient Cities: Increasing urban resilience to climate change through improved storm water management

Priority Axis

Adaptation to Climate Change

Specific objective

Adaptation to Climate Change

Lead partner

Plymouth City Council


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Project budget

7 755 130

ERDF amount

4 653 078

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    À propos

    Common challenge

    The 2 Seas region has many urban areas characterised by dense development. Outdated drainage in such areas often cannot cope with heavier rainfall caused by climate change. The problem is due largely to existing development, and risks are increasing due to climate change. There is little experience in retrofitting sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) to existing urban areas: sites typically have too little space to manage surface water within their boundary. The solution lies off-site in the public realm, but this requires new types of cooperation between municipalities and owners not seen before.

    Main Achievements

    The project has established activity and financial monitoring and reporting proceedures and has submitted three modification requests. It has established a successful series of network events and a network of organisations participating in them. Pilot investment have been jointly planned, and successfully delivered, although some are behind schedule. Partners have identified how to achieve the final results in the last year of the project, through a workshop at the November partner meeting. Partners have learned to value working together and have formed a good project team, learning from each other and working collaboratively. We have experienced the various challenges of retrofitting stormwater drainage in urban areas, and shared experience to develop solutions. We have broadened our understanding of the context of these retrofittings through site visits to pilot areas, and seen that well designed, multifunctional SUDs can have many benefits.



    City of Mechelen

    VIVES University College North

    City of Bruges

    De Vlaamse Waterweg nv

    Boulogne-sur-Mer Development Agency

    Boulogne Water Board

    Municipality of Middelburg

    Green Blue Urban Ltd

    Vives University College South

    South West Water Ltd (SWW)

    Wimereux Town Council

    Condette Town Council


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    Solutions to retrofitting Strategic SUDS demonstrated & tested

    Thème: Climate change - Water management
    Type: Physical equipment/pilot
    Target: Local, regional and national authorities - Water management organisations - Citizens