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Energizing Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Technological Innovation

Lead partner

Bluespring BV





Project budget

8 508 762

ERDF amount

5 105 257

ERDF rate



    Common challenge

    Europe’s waters are an untapped source of renewable energy able to deliver 25% of our energy demand by 2050*. The 2Seas region is uniquely positioned: The Channel, North Sea and Delta's connect the regions and store abundant and unexploited energy from sun, wind, tides, currents and waves. This Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) can power households and industry. The ORE sector is emerging rapidly and has the ambition to become a global industry leader.

    2Seas companies could tap into a global annual market worth €100+BN. The sector is hindered in this ambition, as new prototypes are not developed based on a standardised protocols integrating previous lessons learned. The lack of this standardised prototype development is a significant market failure in the sector, as certification following standardised development is crucial for further capital investment in companies, bankable projects, and scaling-up the sector as a whole.

    *10% from tidal & wave energy and 15% from offshore solar

    Main Achievements

    In 2020 the project made a start on both the technical and business-related deliverables in order to advance 4 Offshore Renewable Energy solutions.
    The Service Delivery Plans for each TD set our scope of support offered by the SPs and the resource allocations. Two Technology Qualification workshops were held to identify failure modes and effects and to recommend areas for modeling or scale testing. TDs prepared their Basis of Design and Engineering drawings to be reviewed by BV and IMP. Also, TDs produced a Project Development strategy outlining permitting, engineering and certification activities in order to deliver the prototype projects. Below the progress per developer is given:

    The site investigations, CFD- and strength analysis are completed. There is a sound basis to select sub-contractors for the outsourcing of blades, vertical central axis, support frame, frame lifting device and bearing houses, safety provisions, water entrance guide. Fabrication will start end of Q1 2021 for assembly in Q2. Electric Power Conversion and load measuring under development. Agreements and permits for use of by-pass channel of the locks in Vlissingen nearly completed

    The development of the Symphony Wave Power is proceeding well. Small improvements are made on the turbine in preparation for the assembly for the dry test. The main components are being engineered, the first order for production has been initiated. A review of the system specification is being executed to ensure consistency with system behavior numerical modeling and to implement compliance to regulations. For the demo location, an open test site has been secured. Also, an indoor option is being pursued.

    Oceans of Energy successfully installed the first modules of the world's first offshore floating solar farm system in the Dutch North Sea. In 2020, several deployments have been realized, at two pilot sites, in which the system has been expanded from 10 kW to 50 kW. Units are updated continuously and are being transported from site 1 to site 2 (which is 15km offshore). The system has survived storms such as Ciara & Dennis at site 1 and additionally Bella at site 2.

    EEL continued the operation and testing of a scaled prototype, advanced on approval for the full-scale prototype to be installed in a cooling water channel of the GRavaline Nuclear Power station in North of France. Awaiting completion of engineering activities, review by BV, and design input from IMP.



    Dutch Marine Energy Centre

    Teamwork Technology


    European Marine Energy Centre

    Oceans of Energy

    Water2Energy BV

    Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore SAS

    Ghent University

    EEL Energy S.A.S.

    Inyanga Marine Projects (IMP)